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About Speeders Inc.

I started Speeders with the sole purpose of honoring all the people who are passionate about the driving machine. Like so many of you I was born into hot rodding. As far back as I can remember I was sitting on a bucket sorting bolts for my dad, sanding cars with him, going to car shows, building make believe hot rods, go carts, drawing, and painting.

At a very early age I was the co-pilot of my dad’s ’66 fastback Mustang. I am sure I was swinging from the roll cage and annoying the hell out of him. The acceleration and the sound are something I will never forget. I was hooked.

I have the fondest memories of spending time in the garage working on cars. It’s great to think back on the late nights with friends and family, turning wrenches and telling jokes, just to get someone’s car ready to go to a show or a race the next da better to think about the days and nights to come.

Speeders apparel is for those passionate about automotive culture. We are inspired by your dedication and creativity. 

My goal is to build on a community of car nuts and gear heads by offering great products, information, and entertainment. We’ll share our stories, build our dreams, and have some fun.

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