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This is Jeff’s Muscle Truck!

This is Jeff’s Muscle Truck!

Rare 1999 Dakota RT 5.9 made from 1998-2003. At the time this pick up was as fast as a Mustang GT in the 1/4 mile and second only to the Viper as the the fastest rear drive vehicle Dodge was making.

Since owning the truck Jeff “...has upgraded the cam, heads, pushrods, added a 52mm throttle body, Mike Leach midlength headers, High Flow Catalytic converter, MBRP Exhaust, Hotchkis Suspension, and even a 150-shot of Nitrous to name just a few of his modifications. His plans down the road include forged internals and forced induction, but for now, he is just enjoying having the perfect sleeper that can run a 12.72 without the nitrous.”

It’s one of 501 regular cabs built in this Solar Yellow / Viper Yellow

Jeff is an artist and musician from Stamford, Connecticut. He’s a die hard car enthusiast, especially for muscle cars. His first car was a 1969 Firebird 350HO. His daily driver is a 2013 Dodge Charger RT AWD 5.7 Hemi.


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